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Pigment Titanium Dioixde

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We offer a very specialised Titanium Dioxide [ Rutile Grade ] which is a Buff Coloured Rutile Grade Titanium Dioxide.

Buff Colour Titanium Dioxide contains naturally 2 -3 % residual Iron Oxide [ Fe 203 ]. Due to the this Naturally Residual Iron Oxide presence , it gets an Off White / Buff Colour.

It can be use in applications of paints, coatings, plastics, primers and much other application.

Most Titanium Dioxides are white in colour but Buff colour Titanium Dioxide demonstrates that pure whiteness is not the only parameter for performance or prerequisite for effectiveness in colour formulations.

In products which require opacity and colour but which do not have to be pure white, in such products Buff Colour Titanium Dioxide can be used and it will help in reducing the cost.

It is an economical replacement of White Titanium Dioxide.

Off white /Buff Colour Titanium Dioxide can help in replacing from 20 to 100 percent of the White Titanium Dioxide.

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